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name: Clive D. Ackerman
ID no.: 54252
class: Journaist
nature: Jolly
money: ??? pokédollars
pokedéx: That ol' thing?

You’re adorable. 

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Done during my Join me stream Ryu’s Future starter?????

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Did two different versions to practice a paintery style, enjoy your prize clovis-x-adventure


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Giovannis persian

Since I can’t message you: This isn’t Giovanni’s Persian, this Persian belongs to a character of mine and his name is Robbie. 


Somebody done got tipsy for the first time in front of the wrong person and there was a hip shaking challenge yo!


so much regret the morning after. xD

"Sweet, sweet blackmail. People talking about dick games, stealing panties, buns and yaoi handed boy-o’s bearing their claws. Tonight is fucking fantastic." Ryu

rocketmonsters said: [txt]Ry-bby, why do you start everything as it was a rumor? [txt] also, will you box me / show me some shit?




[Text] Cause Rocket bb, you believe half of what you see and nothing you heard ;3 And hell yeah I’d box you, it’d be a shit load of fun >:D I also know shit outside of that, you know ;3 With karate I’ll kick your ass. Here to Tiennamen Square. Oh yeah, muthafucka, I’m gonna kick your fuckin’ derriere. ;333 XD But naw, really, a spar would be absolutely epic -Ryu


"Oh yes, this is an elaborate trick so I may look and feel superior to you for kicking your ass this one occasion. This juice and whole friendly charade is just so you let down your defenses long enough so I can exploit them all." Ryu’s back to that devious, villain smile that he’s gotten down pat after having done it so often in the past, "You think I’d go to the trouble. Winning and losing, they’re all relative in how you view it. Even in loss you learn something."

He gestures to her tucked arm, “You’ve learned to protect your weaknesses, but in doing so, you telegraph those weaknesses to your opponent. If I wanted, I could try to work your side until I won, a cheap shot, but in a real fight, no one is pulling punches or willing to take you for ice cream after. It’ll be a spar, you’ll show me a few things and I’ll be able to adjust to you quick enough. In return I’ll show you some helpful tips and hints on how to kick ass without breaking your foot off in one during the process.” 

.Milly just quirked an eyebrow and leaned back in the seat, reaching over to pet Reese like she had Ryu’s earlier,
"You have to admit if you were, it’d be working. Hm?"
She shrugged,
"Most of the time, it’s just important man, No one really roughhouses with me, and when they do, it’s only ever once before they figure out im not as weak as I look. But, again, you’re right. Most of the time at least; some times an ass kicking is just that."

The woman deadpanned; still right. Annoying dork Ryu, pointing out more shit that should be obvious but wasn’t to her. So much for being under estimated- she actually was just subpar in this and she knew it before even fighting him. BLUH.

"Dude, What could I show you? You know what I do; I take on people who don’t know their ass from their elbow most of the time, and when I do find a particularly inferior moron, it’s fun, but they’re to scared to do anything properly.”

"I have quite the way of catching people off guard, whether it be the boyishly good looks, the fact that I’m five foot six or I look like I’m eighteen when I’m 27. Everything about me is deceit, and really, I don’t mind a bit having others think what they want to about me. It doesn’t really matter worth a hill of beans until we fight, and even if they win, that means nothing to me, unless, well, money is involved. So I kiiiiinda had to care about winning during my boxing days." Ryu props his elbows up on the table, setting his chin on knuckles. 

"Least to say, I won’t be sore about it. My ego isn’t going to shatter into pieces. And you’d probably be surprised what you can learn, even from those that don’t know much about fighting themselves. Kind of like playing against someone that likes to button mash in Super Smash bros. Sometimes amateurs get lucky, and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of luck. You just can’t rely on it. Plus I guess it helps to spar someone that does know their ass from their elbow, though sometimes I forget. They’re just so darned similar, like asses and faces."