10-15 US dollar commissions on Pokemon, fakemon, splicedmon and so forth, I have 5 slots available, the above are some examples of my art and what I can do. The price is determined depending on the complexity of the commission, any additional characters ordered at the time will come at a discount rate.



  • I retain the right to refuse a commission for any reason
  • I will not do NSFW art
  • Payment up front, no refunds
  • If you have a reference of said Pokemon/fakemon/splicemon you would like me to use as well as any personality quirks I should know about, please share it, it makes it a lot easier for me to come up with the final product if you have a particular look you want me to go for. Otherwise with Pokemon I will be using the official art as reference, anything I have to make up on the spot will cost you extra. 
  • You will be given my Paypal address once we’ve discussed everything, once I receive payment is when I’ll put you in the queue, if another customer pays before you, your art will come to you after






Contact details (Please let me know who you are .u. )

Skype: talon_ri

Deviant art: Riboo

Signal boosts appreciated? ’ u’ ) 

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